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Working for Your Business Success™

Since day one, we've been helping our client companies select skilled craftsmen, light industrial and general labor employees from the highest quality labor pool in the industry. They're the kind of quality employees our clients would like to hire themselves, but with our employees you get the added advantage of having them there when you need them, and gone when you don't. Se habla español.

Pre-Qualifier Checklist

Compare us to your current staffing service, and we're confident that you'll trust STAFF Unlimited™ with your business.

Do they provide you with personalized service?
Do they conduct personal interviews?
Do they assess agility, strength, personal attitude, thought patterns and instructional ability?
Do they conduct pre-employment and random drug-screening with every employee they hire?
Do they, upon request, do background and employment reference checks?
Do they evaluate applicant skill proficiency?
Do they have specialized job skills and evaluation/screening procedures?
Do they screen applicants for tendencies toward undesirable behaviors such as absenteeism, theft and dishonesty, low productivity, poor attitude, hostility and drug use or violence?
Do they provide safety training/videos?
Do they provide site evaluations/inspections?
Do they require completed work verification documentation?
Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee?
Final Score 12 of 12 _ of 12